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ABC Market

ABC Market


The ABC Market shopping experience, online.

ABC Market is a leading regional supermarket focused on offering high-quality products and a personalized shopping experience that now offers online shopping.




Research & IxD · Team


2 weeks


ABC Market is a leading regional supermarket focused on offering high-quality products and a personalized shopping experience. They have an established network of premium brick & mortar grocery stores conveniently located to service their client base, which exceeds 30% market share in the region.

The Problem

The retention rate of their clients had begun to fall. ABC Market recognized that companies like Amazon and Walmart have a competitive edge on pricing and a robust e-commerce platform. Therefore, they hope to hold their ground in the space by offering a superior customer experience.


  • Offer a digital experience that is at the level of their physical markets.

  • Add value for their customers by finding a way to leverage their successful premium store model.


  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Implementation


This is one of the project parts where I was involved. With such a tight deadline, it was a complete challenge to learn more about the users, its pain points and competitors, but with but with the advantage of having a broad research field.

What is shown here is a simplified version —made specifically for the case study— of the results and data we worked with.


Working with data collected during the research phase, we was able to set up the main user flow to show in the prototype. After that, we continued with the first iterations of sketches and wireframes, where we used InVision to test it out.


After many iterations and user testing, we arrived at the prototype shown.

To explain the final result, we will use our Persona: Stefano. He will go through the stages that any person can experience while shopping groceries online.


Personalized home

Stefano is an existing user, so he enters to ABC Market and take a quick look at his personalized home page.


Orders and most purchased

After taking a quick look at his home page, Stefano goes to ‘My orders’ to see to see some of his most purchased products.


Product details

Stefano has added to the cart some products, but need to see the details of another one before adding it.


Payment and shipping

Now, Stefano will go through payment and shipping process.


Tracking the order

By last, Stefano will track his order, where he can see in detail the stages of it.


The ABC Market online platform is the perfect place to buy groceries online with the same shopping experience clients would expect from their physical markets but allowing them to receive their orders right at home.

It has been an exciting project where I’ve enjoyed the whole process, together with my team, from understanding to materializing.

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