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The personal training platform to connect coaches and clients.

CoachFit is a platform that allows NWI coaches to program and deliver training plans to his clients through an app they can use while training.


Mobile App · Android


Product Design · Individual


2 weeks


The National Wellness Institute (NWI) is an organization founded in 1977 with the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth.

NWI offers certification and training for wellness professionals, providing them with frameworks and tools that they can use to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

The Problem

Even though NWI has numerous years of experience in the wellness field, their program has been slow to catch up with technology. They have seen a substantial drop in memberships and want to find a way to add value to their members.


  • Facilitate a tool for helping coaches to program and deliver his training programs to clients.

  • Guide clients in their workouts.


  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Implementation


Since it was only me working in the project and with such a tight deadline, to start the research phase I created a quick sprint in order to learn more about the users, its pain points and competitors.

What is shown here is a simplified version —made specifically for the case study— of the results and data I worked with.


Although I have to take into account both Personas —coach and client—, for obvious time constrains the flow shown in the project will be from the client side.

Working with data collected during the research phase, I was able to set up the main user flow to show in the prototype. After that, I continued with the first iterations of sketches and wireframes, where I used InVision to test it out.


After many iterations and user testing, I arrived at the prototype shown.

To explain the final result, I will use our client-side Persona: Alberto. He will go through the stages that any person can experience in a training day with CoachFit.

Onboarding and log in

Onboarding and log in

Alberto is an existing user, so he is going to view the onboarding and log in onto the platform before going to training.

Workout view and selection

Workout view and selection

After arriving at the gym, Alberto is going to see the workouts programmed for this week and select the today’s training session.

Workout details and beginning

Workout details and beginning

Now, Alberto is going to see the workout details. Then, he will tap into 'Begin Workout' to see each exercise in detail.

Exercise details and completion

Exercise details and completion

Alberto can see each exercise prescription, view a video on how to perform it well and give feedback to his coach.



After finishing his training, Alberto is going to see how consistently he is performing against other people chasing the same goals.



CoachFit is the perfect platform for personal trainers since it allows them to deliver training programs and give and receive feedback easily, saving time and helping them to grow their business.

It has been an exciting project where I’ve enjoyed the whole process, from understanding to materializing.

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