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The daily tasks, managed effectively.

Focus is an app with a clear goal of being effective managing daily tasks. Its top feature is based on Autofocus, a productivity system that is simple and fast.


Mobile App · iOS


Product Design · Individual


2 weeks


There's no doubt about the big amount of daily tasks manager that exist in the marketplace, but... do we getting things done?

Since I’m a big fan of everything that has to do with productivity and always I’m looking for the best way to manage my time, I wanted to dig a little deeper in the market and try to solve a possible problem. That's why this project was born.

The Problem

Even though there’s a big amount of daily task managers in the market, the vast majority fail in the main goal: to do what we need to do in an effective way.


  • Manage daily tasks effectively.

  • Measure the daily progress to see if we meet our goals.


  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Implementation


Since it was only me working in the project and with such a tight deadline, to start the research phase I created a quick sprint in order to learn more about the users, its pain points and competitors.

What is shown here is a simplified version —made specifically for the case study— of the results and data I worked with.


Working with data collected during the research phase, I was able to set up the main user flow to show in the prototype. After that, I continued with the first iterations of sketches and wireframes, where I used InVision to test it out.


After many iterations and user testing, I arrived at the prototype shown.

To explain the final result, I will use our client-side Persona: Carlos. He will go through the stages that any person can experience when trying to complete the daily tasks.

Onboarding and log in

Onboarding and log in

Carlos is an existing user, so he is going to view the onboarding and log in onto the platform before getting daily tasks done.

Areas of work

Areas of work

Once Carlos has logged into the app he can see the different areas of work, allowing him to focus only on what's important now and avoid distractions.

Tasks view

Tasks view

Here Carlos can see his upcoming calendar events and the daily tasks waiting to be done, but his question is... where to start?



Carlos doesn't know where to start his daily tasks, so he decides to use Autofocus, which allows him to quickly process tasks and get a much more actionable list.

Getting things done

Getting things done

Now Carlos can complete his processed list easily before continuing with other tasks and check in the Productivity screen if he is meeting his goals.



Focus is the perfect app for anyone who struggles to getting daily tasks done, allowing they to process and complete them in an easy and fast way.

It has been an exciting project where I’ve enjoyed the whole process, from understanding to materializing.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to reach me at